AIRECap is a company conducting market research around the world by using a unique technical analysis that has been developed for more than 40 years.

With more than a decade of research under our belt, aided by AI technology of the future, the results that we have achieved is on an entirely new level.

And that is why AIRECap is now looking for individual with the passion and potential to become an awesome analyst, one who is fresh and have an affinity towards chart or graph, as well as have obtained at least a statistics or mathematics degree to be trained as a market research analyst.

This is what we are willing to offer:

Trainee/intern (3-6m) : RM1,200

Research assistant : RM1,500

Junior analyst : RM1,800

Analyst : RM3,000

Senior analyst : RM 5,000 – RM20,000

Super analyst : RM20,000 – RM50,000

And just so you know, going to a higher position depends on how fast you can learn and apply the knowledge we will provide you. The faster you become proficient in the field, the quicker you can get promoted and increase your salary. But, you need to start from zero!


Email your CV/resume to [email protected]

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