Baca keratan akhbar berbunyi,Quoting a source, national daily Utusan Malaysia reported that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) initial investigations found that the funds had allegedly been distributed to companies involved in a variety of activities, such as tourism, a shooting academy, gold mining, technology, research and media.

“MACC investigations also found that some of the public’s donations were used to buy gold, cryptocurrency and real estate, such as property and land that had nothing to do with helping the F4lestini4n people,” the source was quoted as saying.“

A review of 4man F4lestin’s accounting books also revealed operating and management fees exceeding RM400,000 per month.

—-Wow! Boss ISMA, Abdullah Zaik pun ada shooting academy, dia pun ada mining company..

Wow lagi!
Siap beli cryptocurrencies! Dah halal ke?
Apa khabar orang ISMA?


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