Sales and Marketing Experts with digital marketing experience.

We do not mind, “street smarts” or “book smarts”. As long as you have good attitude and always enthusiastic towards success.

Be good in online and offline business marketing and sales planning, management and strategy.

Knowledge in at least FB ads is a must. While Google ads and SEO are bonus.

Efficient and effective decision making skill is crucial.

Young talent with high motivation to succeed are encouraged to apply.

Salary is between RM2,500 to RM5,000. Show us what you got.

Email [email protected] your cv and cover letter to arrange an interview.

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Who is aLiph.My?

Official blog of Aliff Ahmad (Aliff Shariffuddin) also known as Abu Fedora al-Turkistani. His real name is Ahmad Aliff A S Ahmad Shariffuddin. The co-founder of Scrut.my , Ifmal.com , Idsb.my and Coin.my.